Welcome to a Devxchange Assignment

Videotaping you

We need to see you in a Devxchange video. Here is some helpful information about recording yourself.

What’s this about?

Bramwell Ryan is working with Bob and Melody at Devxchange to create a short video. We would like to include you and your words in this production but since it is hard for us to get together we are asking you to record yourself. Melody will have sent you the questions we are asking you to answer. To ensure we can put together the highest quality production though, here are some tips before you pull out your phone. 

Shooting instructions


Getting ready:

  • Scout a good place to record.
  • Face a window so that the light falls on your face. Don’t shoot with the window behind you.
  • Take a good look at the composition and lighting. You are looking to have your face well and evenly lit. We are looking to see from about mid-chest and up (no need for full body).
  • If you wear glasses make sure we can still see your eyes and not just glare from the light source. If needed, angle yourself a bit so that light from the window doesn’t fall on your face front-and-centre.
  • Watch your background. Something neutral or simple (a wall with a plant beside you, a bookshelf, a desk with a computer) works but no mirrors, glass or other reflective surfaces behind you please.
  • If you are recording outside ensure you are in diffused light (the shade of a tree, for example) and that very bright light isn’t behind you. Also, be mindful of wind since it will “blow” your mic and render what you have to say hard to hear. A final outside concern is to watch environmental sound levels (cars, planes, angry crows, singing neighbours, etc).
  • If you are recording inside ensure you are in a quiet place – dishwasher off; email pings on your computer muted; no music.
  • Set your phone to record 4K video (if possible) or HD/1920×1080 24 frames per second (if possible)
  • Orient your phone so that it is horizontal. When you frame yourself don’t clip the top of your head. In fact, leave some room around yourself making it easier for us to crop, if needed.
  • If you can lean or prop your phone on something stable (a pile of books on a table, a tripod, the seat of a stool, or…) that will ensure a vibration-free recording. If this isn’t possible, ask someone else to hold the phone or keep it as still as possible yourself.
  • Avoid wearing anything with checks or stripes and it’s best to avoid wearing the colour green.


  • When you record plan several takes – keep at it until you are happy with what you are saying; send only that recording to us.
  • During recording start with 1-2 seconds of silence and finish with the same; look in to the camera throughout, smile, be winsome, upbeat, energetic and enthusiastic.
  • Imagine you are sitting across the table from a good friend and having an engaging conversation. Think of the camera as your friend’s eyes and keep looking there throughout the recording.
  • Short sentences are better than long. Being focused and succinct is always good.
  • Speak clearly.


Once complete send the best video file to Melody. Since video files are often large, emailing is typically not an option. Perhaps the easiest way to send large files from a phone is to use We Transfer, a free app for both iOS and Android. Download it from the App Store or directly from the company for Android. Once installed you can use it to send the file. Alternatively download the video file to Dropbox and send Melody the link.