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Bramwell Ryan



Bramwell Ryan is a journalist, writer, award-winning photographer and author. I am an honours graduate in broadcast journalism and past editor of four magazines, publisher of a national newspaper, founder of several communications and media companies and a successful freelancer. Key stats – I have written thousands of published articles, covered many international disasters, traveled to 60 countries and am an all-media content pioneer. I have taught throughout North America and in South Asia. Here is some of what I’ve done over the years… much of it while chasing stories for magazines, newspapers, radio and television:

  • Paid eight bribes on an eleven hour car trip in Russia
  • Tripped over a skull in a Haitian cemetery
  • Stuck for three weeks in the most top secret military base in North America where smoking was only allowed inside the buildings
  • Chased cattle rustlers on the Swiss-French border
  • Smuggled into Chechnya when journalists were forbidden
  • Trapped in a canoe while being chased by a bull moose
  • Watched 24 people get death sentences in rural Zambia
  • Scraped mold from my toothbrush in Nicaragua
  • Bypassed government internet control in Tunisia to get email
  • Underwear stolen in Trieste
  • Paddled in a log boat after Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh
  • Danced at a gypsy celebration of a corrupt judge in Turkey
  • Proved an $11,000 camera can bounce on a Mozambique runway
  • In the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, explained to a 10-year-old the merits of having two wives
  • Helped wrestle a caribou into a rubber boat in northern Quebec

I have particular interests in international affairs, new media/journalism and long backpacking trips far from the nearest cell phone tower (preferably in the mountains). I’ve been an on-again, off-again presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and am currently on hiatus.